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Research Links

Welcome to our Research Links page where we've compiled and published a list of useful resources to assist you when researching financial products.  Check back here frequently as we're continually expanding this section of our website.

The links below depart from the regulatory site of Ashley Law Bromley. Neither Ashley Law Bromley nor Intrinsic is responsible for the accuracy of the information contacted within the linked sites.

Personal Finance

In 2018, my 80-year-old neighbour asked me to look at her utilities and telephone bills. I discovered BT was charging her £30 per month for broadband.
Many are unable to secure summer holiday provision as effects of pandemic continue
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has opened its regulatory sandbox for applications throughout the year. 
Professional Adviser is proud to publish the second set of shortlists for the 2021 Women in Financial Advice Awards, all the winners of which will be announced on 7 October.
It can feel as if the generation gap is wider than ever – but not when people really talk. Here, four sixtysomethings offer advice to those in their teens and 20s